Software developer, designer.

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I'm Shivam, a lead product engineer at Chatwoot (YC W21) and the author/maintainer of some exciting projects. This page is a list of my creations and musings, you can also find me on Twitter (@scmmishra ) and GitHub for all things tech and beyond.

Shivam, standing on a cliff facing the Himalayas.
Auli, 2024


I don't write often, but when I do, it is mostly about my experience building products, here is the latest one. You can find all my writings here.


Overtime I have worked on and built multiple projects, some during work, some outside. Here's a humble list of those, several of them are open-source. If you're inspired by what you see, don't hesitate to dive into the code and share your ideas for improvement.

And there are some projects that I do not work on anymore, but have thoroughly enjoyed building and maintaining. Most of these projects continue to be actively developed and maintained by my peers and friends.


I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with amazing startups across the country over the past six years, collaborating with brilliant people to build some seriously impressive products. Here's how the journey has been so far.

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YC W21 Open Source

Lead Product Engineer, 2023 - Present

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Internet Freedom Foundation

Digital Rights Non-Profit

Volunteer Engineer, 2021 - Present

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YC W20 DevTool

Product Engineering Lead, 2020 - 2022

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Free & Open Source

Framework Engineer, 2018 - 2020